TV control using TV Box remote


Following manual I successfully mapped my remote with TV Box (How to configure IR remote control)
But on remote there is additional buttons: TV VOL+, TV VOL-, TV Power, TV Input. Is it possible using those buttons and CEC/CoreELEC/Kodi to control TV volume, power and input. So far I didn’t found anything what can help. Thanks!

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Depending on your tv box remote, these buttons can probably be “learnt” from the tv remote.

Through CEC this is not possible. You can control a soundbar or avr but TV’s don’t let you control volume through CEC.

One suggestion would be a Logitech Harmony Remote:

Another suggestion a “Sunray” remote. Many TV Boxes come bundled with this type of remote, having some basic TV control learning capability by use of the TV remote, or an MX3 Air Mouse, which has similar learning capabilities with the advantage of a keyboard and more recently also voice control.

Tutorials on how to set these up via learning mode are available in the Library section of the Remotes Repository.

Hope this helps.

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