TV EPG is no longer shown

I am using Odroid N2+ with CoreElec v20.1 and PVR-Client “IPTV Simple Client v”. My own m3u channellist worked great with an online “easyepg-basic.gz” and its URL.

Since some time (not sure, if its since the update to v20.1) the EPG is empty. The URL works fine and the *.gz file is not corrupt. Even the IDs are maching correctly with my m3u file. In the past it worked all great!

I have no idea, why i cant see the EPG infos anymore.

The IPTV Simple Client config shows me three entries. One of them: “Migrated Add-on Config” [AKtiviert] bearbeiten".

Any idea how to fix / what was changed? thx
This is one of the most important functions for me to watch and select tv program.

No one an idea?

Check Kodi debug log?

Peter, thanks for your reply.

There are 4 log zip files. I think only the latest is related, right?

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Inside the zip files are different log files, which is/are the related?

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Log files:
Kodi Log Files and config files
Kodi Crash log and config files

Device: Oddoid N2+
System: CoreELEC 20.1-Nexus

PVR-Client: IPTV Simple Client

Does anyone have an idea?
Thanks in advance.

What exactly is the issue? Crashing Kodi or EPG not showing?

Make proper kodi debug log which doesn’t crash.

EPG is not shown. (as i wrote in my first post)

What do you mean by saying “make proper kodi debug log which doesn’t crash”? I tried to create log files (faq way) and uploaded the files? so what’s wrong?

Too bad nobody seems to have an idea or a solutiion.
Really nobody an idea?

Make kodi DEBUG log file - maybe something will be there.

This files are useless. They are old.
Make one fresh.

oh, didn’t noticed debug was disabled and so the logs are old.
here the updated…

You use EPG from and this file is “broken” because it has entries from 2022.12.23 to 2022.12.30. And today is already 2023 :slight_smile:

Try with this url or find something better:

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OMG, it works again and i’m really really happy that you found and solve the problem !!
I looked at the rytecDE_Basic.gz file too but did not noticed the wrong date range of the entries.

So many many thanks for your amazing help/support! :grinning:

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Let this be a lesson to others that good log file is the only way to help with issues happen only by user itself.
When others can replicate the issue it is always easier to solve them.

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