TV Headend not working on other devices?

Ok confused, not quite sure whats happened, been a while since i set this up.

Have Tv head end server running on N2 in the front room.

1 bedroom an Mecool Km9 Pro
Other bedroom cant remember but some s95x2 box.

Just moved.
When i plugged everything in it was all working as before, all systems updated to 9.2.3 and i cant remember if i even tested tv since.

But i can still use tv on the N2 Server, but both upstairs boxes just say PVR Client starting up 0%

When i check the drivers on default, it says drivers are disabled, would you like to enable and reboot.

Select yes, the again i get, drivers are disabled would you like to reboot, over and over.

I tried latest kernel drivers and crazycat but nothing works, not sure what has happened :sob:

If you have it working on the N2 it seems that the server is working properly. Please check the IP you used in the tvh client in the other devices. If your server’s up has changed they won’t work.

PS: in the devices that act as clients, forget about the drivers, they’re for the server device.

Ah i didnt think of that, im sure i set the ip to static somewhere? otherwise wouldnt it change constantly?

It might but check what’s the IP of the server and check if the IP in the configuration of tvh client is the same. Also check if the login and pass is correct if you have them in the tvh server.

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You were dead on that was it, i forgot about that, i set it as static and for some reason it went back to dhcp, stupid bloody thing.

Shame i buggered my 2 boxes up and have to reset all the skin up again. for some reson that bit never saves in the restore :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I use a reserved address in my router through Mac address. Happy it’s solved.

Ya well we have plenty of address, ill just leave alone it works now :slight_smile: