TV remote interferre with KODI

I am using Coreelec on media player H96Pro+ and I am using separate air mouse remote for H96Pro+ to control KODI. Also, I am using different remote for my TV Philips 65PUS7803 and this remote is interferring with KODI, e.g. when I click up arrow on TV remote, KODI change to Volume Down, when I press right arrow on TV remote, KODI shows debug information on screen same as I press “o” on KODI remote.
How can I “unpair” TV remote from Coreelec KODI?

Settings ; System ; Input ; Peripherals ; CEC
Disable CEC

Unfortunately, it is not resolved by this option. CEC is disabled but still TV remote is still paired with H96Pro+ and making changes when certain keys are pressed.
Only media player remote needs to be paired and responsive on typing.
Any other suggestion?

Didnt you catch remote signal on Box IR diode? And maybe one of predefined remotes is “translating” it to the kodi. In that case could help placing empty rc_maps.cfg to the /storage/.config/ (at least I think that could disable those “all remote includes”.

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Not sure how to do this because only KODI is installed on Coreelec without any editors.

From your PC

Yes, creating and placing empty rc_maps.cfg file into /storage/.config/ resolved my problem. My TV remote does not interfere anymore with mediaplayer remote.