TV remote's OK button turns on Minix U9


I’m running 8.90.4 on a Minix U9 (installed to internal) and I am using a Logitech Harmony Elite configured via Bluetooth to control Kodi. This is much faster than using IR (with a Harmony at least).
When I’m not watching, I use the bluetooth command to turn off the Minix U9 and it shuts down completely (blue LED goes off). When I use the Minix remote (or the one configured in my Harmony), I send the POWER command (0x118) and it turns back on and boots CoreELEC.
But when I’m watching Netflix with the integrated App of my LG OLED TV, as soon as I hit the OK button for the first time, it sends 0x444 (found that out via SSH and ir-keytable -t) and the Minix boots up.
0x444 does not seem to be a “power toggle” command, because if I press OK on the LG remote another time, the Minix does not shut down again, it just keeps running. I can then send 0x118 again and it shuts down.
So, I don’t want my Minix to boot up when I’m not using it.
I have tried an rc_keymap with just 0x118 in it and even 0x444 mapped to ESC (which should lead to nothing), and it loaded fine (inside Kodi, no Minix IR button works anymore, except POWER).
But when I power down the machine and hit OK on the LG remote, it powers up again, so the rc_keymap does not help, which I expected because it is working with the Linux IR driver which is not loaded when the machine is powered off.
Is there any way to fix this? To which state does the Minix U9 go when I send power off (I’m only familiar with ACPI states on x86)?

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I’m having the issue that my LG TV remote’s OK button causes the Minix U9 to boot.
I have noticed that it only does this when I used “Power Off System” in Kodi (on CoreELEC 8.90.4), the Minix U9 switches from a bright blue LED to a dim green LED.
When I pull the power plug, all LEDs are off and the LG remote can no longer power up the Minix.
But the Minix remote’s power button does still work!
So if there is something on the software side that could bring me to the full shutdown state, would be great.
I don’t know if the “dim LED” mode can be called standby, because when I power it back on, it does the full boot cycle (MINIX Logo, CoreELEC Logo, Kodi main screen).
I have it installed to internal.

It could be that the LG remote OK button has the same IR code as the power button on your Minix remote.

You would have to check this by following the HowTo thread for configuring remotes and when using ir-keytable look at the scan codes and see if they are the same.

Hi Adam,

I already did that:

I opened this thread as a feature request as this is not a real direct fix for the IR power up problem. I also contacted Minix, they said there is nothing that they can do.

Ok well there is no need to open 2 threads for the same issue, I have merged them now.

It would appear that the bootloader on your Minix is interpreting the LG keycode as some sort of wake up command.

When you press the power button the default action is to shut down, it only goes to standby if your box supports it and is configured for it.

If your using a Bluetooth harmony remote to control CE have you not thought of just putting a piece of black tape around the IR sensor?

I only use IR for turning it on, because I have found no way of turning the U9 on via Bluetooth once it is powered off (dim green LED, 0.5W power usage…is that called standby?).
I always assumed the BT radio is off when the machine is off, but if there is a way to do this, please let me know.

My suggestion is to position the minix box outside the lg remote active range but within the same room.
by doing this you can point your ir remote towards the box to power it on and at the same time the OK in the tv remote will not affect the minix box

Same problem here with LG OLED. It should be possible tot do a full shutdown because it’s possible when I run Kodi under Android. on the U9. When shut down under Android the devise stays off when I hit OK in Netflix.