TV Shows doen't show me TVShows

Hi all,

I’ve got a problem with my Coreelec/Kodi configuration. The problem is that after I scrape my tvshows, the last scrapped episodes appear in the “Recently added episodes”, but they don’t on the “Unwatchet TV Shows” menu. In fact, some TV Sows appears but other don’t. And if they appear, when I click on them, there is no episodes in it even if the episode appears in the “Recently added” menu.

I use Local information only (I use TinyMediaManager to get all the info files), and with other kodi installed on my phone everything works as expected.

Any hint about what could I do to solve this anoying problem?


Check your media source info set. If you have all series in separate folder with like s01e01 and so on all options must be disabled.

Also some data scrappers are just rubbish at finding all TV programs, especially the new python scrapers.
It partly is a known issue with differences in program codes between scrapers.
Try different scrapers and also try deleting the whole database and rescanning.

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