TVH 4.2 or 4.3?

My Ugoos X3 Cube TVH server died and I’m replacing it with another X3 Cube.
I was running TVH 4.2. It ran good but did have some known bugs with TVH 4.2.
My initial plan was to restore from one of my old Kodi backups but now I’m thinking I should just start from scratch to minimize future potential problems. It seems from comments that TVH 4.3 is stable even though it is officially Beta, and some of the bugs have been resolved in it.

Any input whether I should stick with 4.2 or go to 4.3?

I have been using 4.3 without any issues at all.

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If you have been experiencing bugs, I’d definitely go with 4.3. 4.2 has been outdated for many years already. The current developers don’t do releases anymore, but the software is very mature and very stable.

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My advice would be 4.3 from scratch.
Initially I thought that .3 just was the ‘newest’ so I got that and never had any issues.

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Thanks everyone for input. I installed TVH 4.3 from scratch and I think I have everything working properly again. Time will tell…

I had to relearn a lot of the things I learned the first time around.

The hardest part for me was to getting guide data. Fortunately, Edit4ever created a solution.

How do you get your guide data?

I use Zap2EPG. Here is one of the things I relearned.

Using Safetitle in Zap2EPG and setting windows safe characters and removing all unsafe characters in TVH still doesn’t remove all unsafe characters. For example, trying to record “News at 10:00pm” will fail because of the “:”. And it doesn’t show up under failed recordings in TVH, it shows up under removed recordings with a comment “unable to create file” or something like that. Real helpful, sort of like the message “Windows has encountered an Error”.

Here’s some other things I relearned:

I use the dual boot firmware for the Ugoos X3 but it doesn’t ship with the dual boot firmware installed. You have to use USB Burning Tool to install it. What they don’t tell you is you have the download the .7z version of the file (not the zip version) and then extract it using 7-Zip.

I can never remember the correct syntax of specifying the target for the recordings. The full path doesn’t appear in Windows file explorer nor Kodi file manager.

You have to be careful when cutting and pasting commands (like when pasting the comskip command in the post processing field in TVH). The special characters don’t paste correctly, you need to type them in.

And HDMI CEC is activated by default in CoreELEC. So everything seems fine but when you change sources you can no longer reach the server because it turned off. So it needs to be disabled in a server application.

That is complicated.

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