TvH Client Crashing

Hi all,

CE 9.2.2, Odroid N2.

I’m getting regular crashing of Kodi when my N2 is idle, mainly in the early hours of the morning. The recent crash log is here.

You can see the frequency and times below:

I believe TvH Client is causing the issue, as I disabled it every night before bed for 7 days and not one crash.

Any ideas what might be happening or how to isolate this further would be appreciated.



It doesn’t look like CE issue.
Tvh or kodi is a reason…
As possible solution you could try last nightly that include kodi 18.7.

If the nightly does not improve it can I safely go back to 9.2.2? And if so is it just a matter of downloading and installing that version over the nightly?

I have also been having this problem for a long time. It happens with my N2s (and Rpi2s I used to use). To prevent the crash, I make sure I exit back to Kodi’s home screen and then move the active selection off TV (like to Movies or TV Shows). I posted the issue on the Kodi forum, but developers haven’t been able to replicate to resolve.

Yes, it has been ongoing for me too for a very long time. Can you provide me with a link to your Kodi Forum post. PM me if you want.

First reported here.

Many posts later 4ndreas posts he has the issue too.

Team Kodi Member da-anda experienced it too..

It’s not just the tvheadend addon. Team members are aware of it. It’s a tricky bug.

I’ve been doing this since your suggestion and not one crash, plus it has removed strange entries I had in kodi.log when the box was not being used. What a weird fault that only occurs when the box is not in use and a particular menu item is the focus. It also explains why disabling TvH client the crashes also stopped.

Thank you for your input, at least I know how to stop it, but it would be nice to know the cause.