TVH recordings unintentionally deleted after 3 months

Last week I realized that some of my 3 months old TVH recordings started to be unintentionally deleted. This has not been the case in the past. My TVH backend configuration has not changed and is still configured to keep recordings “forever”. On a German forum I found someone, who experienced the same issue with vanilla Kodi. Apparently Kodi sets a default 3 months record retention period, if you use it to schedule recordings, routinely overwriting the PVR backend settings. I’ve tried to find that 3 months default setting somewhere in the CE configuration, but couldn’t find it. I’m not even sure this is configurable in CE at all. Is anybody aware of this issue and knows how to fix it in CE? Any advice appreciated…

If you go to addons, pvr clients and select TvHeadend HTSP client and then configure, on the Timer settings tab, what does it show for the Default lifetime setting?

Default is 3 months by the looks of it.

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You’re right. That was it. Thanks for your help! Gee, I wonder when that setting and default was introduced, and how many recordings I’ve lost because of that…

Edit: I believe that setting should just sit in the backend actually. Opened an issue on pvr.hts here, if anybody is interested:

At least 5 years.
It’s a stupid default setting.

LOL A good learning though. Apparently I’ve lost big chunks of recordings for 5 consecutive years and only noticed it now. My family and I certainly record way more “stuff” than we watch…
Maybe I SHOULD have my recordings expire after all!?

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