TVH Stalling

Hi all,

I’m using TVH with HDHR in IPTV mode and most nights around 7PM the TV broadcast stalls for about 30 secs. It’s not exactly the same time but within 15 mins or so.

TVH Server is on my NAS and the Client is in Kodi.

Kodi Log is here:

Any ideas appreciated.


This is not a useful log. Please look at Wiki how to make logs.

It’s possible it’s the DVB channel like when it change data and or streams. Like ORF2 do it every day ~7pm.

Please start with reading this and this. Thank you.

Hi all,

I now have a debug of the issue happening at 19:04:06 on December 12th.

Full 320MB log is here

Cutdown version of log showing the issue is here

Any ideas to the issue would be greatly appreciated.


You should also check the log on tvh. It usually provides more info if the problem is on the server side

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