Tvheadend 4.3 - broken CAM support after 4.3-861

Hi guys,

I just wanted to draw your attention to the following bug reprt (or rater my contribution to it). The reason is that the current version of TVH server in CoreELEC is one of those that already do not work correctly (it is 4.3-961 whereas I found 4.3-846 and then 4.3-861 the last ones to be working properly).

As of now, what happens for me is that some encrypted channels can be played (Unitymedia) while others make TVH crash (Sky). This is exacly what I found to happen with Armbian on a cubietruck in that range of versions.

So, maybe you guys have a little more traction with the TVH developers than I and the other people that have started and contributed to the bug report seem to have, since nothing has happened to fix the problem in the last 5 months. Rather, the situation has clearly deteriorated. Maybe you can get their attention?



`TVH 4.3 is unofficially supported in CE. Recommended version is 4.2. The version 4.3-961 is the last running version in CE. In version 962 is bug causing TVH crash. This bug persists in all newer versions.

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Hi @afl1,

thanks for your reply. As you can see from my description, even 961 does not work for me (861 is the last one that seemed to work ok on my cubietruck). I am just a litlle frustrated that the bug report I mentioned does not seem to get any attention and the error with the CAM seems to only get worse (because higher versions and in particular the latest one 1288 immediately crash with CAM activated).

But, if 4.2 is the recommended version, why is 4.3-961 istalled by default when I install TVH in CoreELEC?



In CE repository is currently only Tvheadend Server 4.2 (4.2.6-7). You can’t downgrade 4.3 to 4.2. You have to uninstall 4.3 and then you can install 4.2.

I’d be really interested to hear if you are able to get CAM working at all on CoreELEC 8.90.4. There’s some additional discussion Build that includes media-build dvbsky drivers with working CI? .

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I’ll try the standard TVH at some point, At the moment, I am more than happy to have TVH running on Armbian on the box - I think, I’ll make that my emby server instead of the cubietruck. Incredible, really, that a 35€ box has this much power.

So, I tried it out. Started with a blank CE 8.90.4, installed TVH (4.2). Everything works with the XBOX ONE Tuner, but unfortunately not with the much better Sundtek Stick. There seems to be some problem about 64bit / 32Bit, if I remember correctly. Also, my old PCTV Stick can be attached and is recognized as a DVB stick, but no picture is shown.

But, the thing you’re interested in, @Rascal, is ok - CAM support works like a charm. Currently watching ICE on AXN HD - just the usual XBOX ONE tuner artefacts. Sky Atlantic HD also tuned in just fine.

I remember that I had to install a special version from @Ray on my LibreELEC which he provided in a ZIP file to get the Sundtek to work. I am sorry to see that whatever he did to make it work did not find its way into CE’s version of TVH.

Whatever, in principle everything works. Oh, and one more thing, I did activate the Crazy Cat drivers (they are already installed in CE, just need to be activated).

Thanks for taking the time and checking, been hoping for more than a month that someone to confirm it works for them. It works for me too but only when running tvh in a docker container. Directly on the box TVH does not see the CI slot with the CAM.

I was not aware of an xbox one dvb tuner with a CI slot.


sorry for the misunderstanding. I do not have a CI slot. My CAM is virtual, if you want. I have an OSCAM server and connect to it using a CWC (newcamd). The server reads the card using a Smargo Reader, so no CI involved.