TVHeadend Backend - Leave on permanently?

Thanks for the fantastic builds, best I have ever used.

Just a quick question for those of you using a S905 box as their TVHeadend Backend for PVR recording etc.

Do you guys just leave the box permantly switched on all the time, or do these boxes have some kind of “wake to record” capability?

Thanks for your help!!

I am not currently running a tvheadend server, but I always kept my device running 24/7. My first tvheadend server ran on my $30 MK808B Plus Amlogic S805 stick, (OpenELEC). It just ran on my network, and not even connected to a TV or monitor. Power draw was almost nothing. Tuner was a HDHomeRun OTA networked tuner.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

My main concern was doing damage to my box (Tronsmart Vega S95 Telos which I really like) but idle CPU usage is virtually zero and temp is nice and low, so I think I’ll just go for the 24/7 option.

If you are using it as a headless backend like I do with my X92 you can run

systemctl stop kodi

From SSH which will stop kodi that gets you back a chunk of memory and brings the cpu idle to about 99.8%. The Box uses about 10W maximum flat out you are probably using 4/5W + your tuner for TV Headend. I record to a NAS as I did not have much success recording to the box which probably uses 10 times the power.

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I leave my Kodi box running TVH server on all the time. Never causes any issues.


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Tanix Tx3 mini S905w … left on 24/7 … at one time I had stopped kodi, but have not bothered recently as it makes no difference that I have noticed.
I think I needed kodi running for something some time ago and never reverted to stopping it.

The only times it has been rebooted is for updated CE releases via ssh reboot command.

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I seem to remember stopping kodi in an attempt to figure out why recording locally was not working. I also wanted to allocate the most memory to Timeshifting as I use RAMONLY for storing the timeshift.

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How on earth did your tuner working on s805? CoreELEC is the first build I’ve seen that will detect my USB tuner.

I use the HDHomeRun NETWORKED tuners…

Aaahh! I get it now.

Note to self - Read posts properly before replying. :flushed:

@Daaave, yes, I understand. I think everyone is using networked tuners. I have an older Hauppauge PCI tuner floating around here somewhere, but haven’t used it in years. The networked tuners are soooo much more versatile.