TVheadend choppy

Just to clarify 1 step… Did you make some backup restore on this boxes?

Can u please download 9.2.2 again and update the system? Even better update to last nightly. It’s like 9.2.2 with some hot fixes.

yes - this was restored from my 9.1.2_final backup.
(because It is a sore, to install and confire THV_server again

and the TVH_server runs fine !! just the client is “broken” since not using HW decoding --> also did an uninstall of THV-Cleint - reboot an a clean install of TVH-Client :: no change

will do the same with latest 9.2.2 nightly (though I don’t want to have the “new update available” messages each day :: I want a static config on each major release.

Since 9.1.2_final does neither support s905x3 nor s905d3 I updated to 9.2.2 because latest 9.1.2_nightly. always brings up this message. :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:

2020-05-14 20:18:26.755 T:4062105616 ERROR: AML: no rw on /dev/video1

2020-05-14 20:19:22.273 T:3923743616 ERROR: AML: no proper permission, please contact the device vendor. Skipping codec...

Do you have some grabber device on this box?
I see Hyperion.NG addon.
Try to disconnect it or and disable Hyperion.NG addon and check.

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Try fresh/clean install without the restored backup. Something in the backup “kill” your system.

@boot2k3: THIS WAS IT !!! you identified the trouble-maker!
Hd & 4K Tv tested flawlessly again

here’s the new Log: (didn’t thought it was that easy :wink: )

SO - WHAT NOW ? how can we hand over this to team hyperion ? :speech_balloon:

I think you need to try to configure this addon from scratch first. And check Hyperion topic on forum, may be some solution available there

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Hyperion is configured from scratch,
Just Com-port + baud-rate, number of LEDs. and off I go…

So, the conflict seems to be in the grabbing?! – how long will my Error-Logs. reside under the URLs ?

can you help me, where to post this issue so it can be worked on, please ?
(this forum, or maybe hyperion-forum?)

Thanks in advance

May be @Portisch could answer

Install last nightly and configure everything from scratch. Do NOT restore a backup.
Something have to break you system as you are the first and only one having such troubles.

Hi guys; it’s me again :wink:

FOUND the issue-maker: as soon as an EXTERNAL USB-GRABBER is activated in Hyperion.NG, the stutering / choppiness starts. deactivating the external grabber instantly fixes the TV-channels not being decoded in hardware!

Now - to the solution ? :frowning:

no reply from Bug Reports@hyperion forum – any ideas ?
(maybe switching to CE nightlies?)

Aaaaand. AGAIN:

  • Clean install of CoreElec

  • Clean install of Hyperion.NG addon

  • Clean install of TVHeadend Server + Client + Oscam.
    (Did NOT copy ANY files from a backup)

  • Configured it ALL from Scratch!

–> activated USB-Grabber with prio 230 ( internal grabber is 250/default)

after 3rd reboot, video-device for decoding TV is not available and only SW-decoding is available, which renders all CPUs to 100% !

__ I am sooo tired of all of this ___. :frowning: Hyperion Devs/Forum don’t bother at all, not even a single reply on this issue!

I am sorry but nobody of the devs do have a external grabber so we are not able to reproduce the issue. Also it looks like you are the only one having this issue so it can be related to user/config/hardware issue.

First advise for all TVH users: do not use TVH server and client on same hardware, it will only lead to unknown issues.

Also please keep in mind that the use of oscam is not “legal”! I just guess the use of TVH + oscam (CSA software decryption) + Hyperion.NG is too much for this small SoC.
So try to move the TVH server to another hardware and use TVH client and only.

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I’m using all of them on my S912 KIII Pro and all works flawlessly. I got TvH server + TvH client + external HDMI usb grabber on the same box and I don’t see any issues - all works fine and smooth. Maybe it’s something about your configuration? Maybe you should change the resolution of the grabbed picture to something smaller?

These are my external grabber settings:

1.) a friend of mine has the same issues… I will test with an HDMI2USB grabber soon

2.) But for testing I will split Hyperion Server & Client to different Hardwares.

3.) Oscam Server is running on my Living Room equipment, and Cleint on S905x3 Hardware is on the next floor in my “Boys Room” - therefore not illegal. :wink:
But I will try on different hardwares (pi) and without oscam and keep you updated :slight_smile:

thx - will try out as soon as my new grabber arrives :smiley:

Every test/log have to be without oscam. oscam is a not legal tool to be able to use protected smartcards in local or shared usage. Any support request including oscam/card sharing will be declined and topics are closed.
Be warned @4ltj4

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