Tvheadend does not see TV adapter (SOLVED)

After many hours struggling, I finally managed to install the latest CoreElec on my Amlogic S912 based Mecool KIII Pro STB, and am slowly finding my way around the system.

It’s nice to have Midnight Commader available as it lets me navigate and discover the filesystem more easily

I’m hoping to set up Oscam to descramble scrambled channels and I understand that I need to configure Tvheadend first to be able to do this, but Tvheadend does not recognise the TV adapter when assigning DVB inputs. Any suggestions why not?

I just came across this msg in /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.tvheadend42/service.log

which sounds like a permissions problem…

2019-07-01 19:09:53.207 [   INFO] htsp: Got connection from
2019-07-01 19:09:53.207 [   INFO] htsp: Welcomed client software: Kodi Media Center (HTSPv34)
2019-07-01 19:09:53.207 [   INFO] htsp: [ Kodi Media Center ]: Unauthorized access
2019-07-01 19:09:58.207 [   INFO] htsp: [ Kodi Media Center ]: Disconnected

Any help would be appreciated.

I know that the tuner hardware in KIII Pro devices has been modified this year 2019. What is the android firmware date on your device?

Not sure about the android firmware or how to find out, but the tuner works fine. I can watch TV using Kodi, it’s just that Tvheadend doesn’t recognise the TV adapter.

I’ve tried updating Tvheadend to 4.3.9 using

which is mentioned here:-

but can’t get Kodi to install it.

I’m sorry, I do not understand anything of what you say.

1.- The date of the android compilation is in:

  • Start Android
  • Settings-> About-> Build
    (example: KIII Pro-userdebug 7.1.2 NHG47L 20190301.101936.V0213)

2.- Prepare a microSD for a new installation of CoreELEC as described in -> Download -> 9.0.2 Stable -> New Installation (forget now about new updates of the tvheadend and oscam servers that you have seen in, and Midnight Commander, when you know better CoreELEC try the experiments you want)

3.- Start CoreELEC from the microSD and wait for the initial CoreELEC configuration to finish.

4.- From Kodi in CoreELEC install the addons:

  • CoreELEC Module Drivers (I suggest: DVB_drivers_for_TBS)
  • OSCam
  • Tvheadend Server 4.2
  • Tvheadend HTSP Client

5.- Configure Tvheadend Server from a PC at http://coreelec_ip:9981. You should see your tuner in Configuration-> DVB_Inputs-> TV_adapter.

6.- Configure OSCam from a PC at http://coreelec_ip:8888

7.- Configure Tvheadend HTSP Client from Kodi

8.- Tell us

Many thanks for the help. I do see my TV adapter now. The difference was that I selected DVB_drivers_for_TBS this time.

After the initial scan I found 3442 services!