Tvheadend HTSP Client freezes CoreELEC


Hardware: Tanix TX3 Mini (2GB RAM, dtb: gxl_p281_2g)
Firmware: CoreELEC 9.2.2 (clear installation)
Installed only Tvheadend HTSP Client

Tvheadend HTSP Client is configured only to connect with my Tvheadend Server (running on Home Ubuntu Server and works without any problems on my Windows Kodi Installation with Tvheadend HTSP Client)

Problem: On CoreELEC I’m opening channels and sometimes it works and very often freezes whole CoreELEC after few seconds playing or when channel switching (no ssh access no samba etc.) - loop last second of audio and static display last frame. Box needs to be reset by the disconnect power supply.

Is this know issue? Can it be fixed somehow?
I have also another tv box with the same CE version ( Sunvell T95X 1GB) and there I can’t reproduce same problem.

CoreELEC logs: (59.8 KB)


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Did this just start with 9.2.2 or it worked with previous versions ?

@kostaman I started using Tvheadend with version 9.2.1 (server + client on CE) same issue appears.

i had the same problem with exactly the same config.what made the difference for me was to switch to the Funhouse build which completely solved the problem.

@unacceptable thanks for this info. I hope it will be possible to use in stable version but if not then I need to consider Funhouse build also.

just try it.i use it with no probs.but at the same time i hope this issue gets resolved as well.

@kostaman I can see there is possibility to turn on debug logging in Tvheadend HTSP Client settings.
Should I enable it + kodi logs od debug level and post here?

My logs from the first post were in the standard logging level.

@unacceptable I also installed Funhouse build and migrated my whole configuration etc.
Now TVHeadend problem seems to disappear and build as far works stable. Thanks!

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Just waiting for devs to identify what changes in Funhouse have fixed the issue.