Tvheadend htsp client no signal message

Hi, this is my first post. I have a question, I installed it on the CoreElec memory card and I have the “tvheadend htsp client no signal” message.
I have Box K II pro
Below is a link to logs.
Thank you very much for your help.

I don’t know very much about TVH. Can you open a webpage for the tvh server? using the ip address ?

VPN addon active?
If yes stop it

Have you configured your Tuners in TVH Server?
You have to go to your IP:9981 and then assign a network to your dvb Card.

The log says there are no tuners available.

Are there tuners shown? Otherwise you can try to install crazycat drivers

Thank you for your help, it helped once again “Configuration -> DVB Inputs -> Networks -> Force Scan” All in all, a strange thing because I’ve done it before.
One question, how to run a standard remote control?
thank you once again

what do you understand unter remote control? The one which came with you device? There is a thread here:

Or you buy a RF Control, with a USB Dongle. They work out of the box (and in my opinion much better)

I just found this description, but how do I do it according to this description I have the message "CoreELEC: ~ # systemctl stop eventlircd
CoreELEC: ~ # ir-keytable -t
No devices found
On another forum I read that it may be related to the wrong DTB file, I have K II Pro, which DTB file should I use?

you have to use a dtb from the dtb folder on your sd card.
I does not own this device, therefore I dont know which one

I understand, I have always used this file gxbb_p200_k2_pro.dtb and everything worked as expected, now as I substitute this file and change the name to dtb.img tobox does not run until the end unfortunately. I’m trying a different file.

Thank you very much for your help, I already have a Box with a working remote control and tv programs.
It was enough to substitute the appropriate DTB file
Thank you once again


I´m having the same issue with the TvHeadend htsp client no signal, I have configured everything and i don´t know why it still pop up with that message, I have reinstalled from zero and the same message pops up.

I´ve installed coreelec+koala+oscam on my mecool ki pro

Is there anything I can do, any addons that I can try?

Maybe i´m missing something.

can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.

You have to give more information about your problem. Have you installed the tuner drivers? Have you installed the tvheadend service? Have you tested FTA TV channels?


Yes i have the tvheadend htsp client installed, oscam and tvheadend server. I see the channel list but it doesn’t let me stream them. This is part of the tvh log

subscription: 0004: No input source available for subscription “ [ | Kodi Media Center ]” to channel

I’m running it on mecool ki pro with coreelec.

I don’t know whether it is the configuration between tvh server and oscam, I may be leaving something out and that why I’m getting the message tvheadend http client no signal.

input source = tuner (or iptv source)

that is, no available input source is the same as no available tuner (or iptv source).

I ask you the same question again: Have you installed the tuner drivers? This is done by installing the CoreELEC Module Drivers addon (check which of the three available driver packages suits your hardware).

Another possible cause of your problem is that the Networks have not been linked to the tuners. This is done inside tvheadend (http://<tvheadend_ip>:9981) in Configuration->DVB_Inputs->TV_adapters. Remember that in tvheadend the link path between the TV channel and the tuner is established by: TV_Channel->TV_Service->Mux->Network->TV_Adapter (on iptv is: TV_Channel->TV_Service->Mux->Network). Spend a little time studying tvheadend.

Obviously, your terrestrial or satellite antenna signal should work.

Another thing: The use of the oscam server is outside the scope of this forum.

Recently I saw a similar thing. Crazy cats drivers showed the channels but didn’t tune. Coreelec drivers allowed tunning.