Tvheadend HTSP USB drive issue


I have 2 instances of HTSP client for tvheadend on my Kiii Pro with CoreELEC 9.2.1.
The first is accessing a tvheadend server on a NAS, this one works without problems.
The second accesses the local tvheadend server, which records to a USB HDD.
Some times it seems to loose the connection to the tvheadend server, it doesn’t show me the channels and the recordings.
This happens most of the time when I pause a recording and the resume.
If I disable and enable the plugin, then it works again.
Is there a work-around for this?

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My opinion is that having two instances of the same addon is not something normally used that I would rate as an experiment. I think you will have to find the solution yourself.

If you want stable operation, use a single tvheadend server. Tvheadend is powerful enough to unify all TV sources, local tuners and remote tuners (iptv and satip). If you have a remote tuner you can always use the minisatip service to forward the TV channels to the tvheadend server. This works well.