Tvheadend KII Pro (S905D)

Hi everyone. I have a Kii pro (S905D and 3.14 kernel) and I can’t get Coreelec to detect my internal dvb-s2 tuner. In libreelec I got tvheadend to detect the tuner but it did not tune any channels. Is there an image and device tree in coreelec to be able to start tvheadend?

I join the question, I have a device with a satellite tuner and hardware similar to the K2 Pro and K1 Pro, it starts me up by CE 19 Matrix but does not detect the TVH tuner. If someone has a better dtb tree that could be used for this device, it is appreciated that you attach it.

Have you tried the 3 DVB modules available, @Aitzondo ?

Similar is not the same. If you search the forum you’ll find that the main DVB developer completely left the scene (and the face of the earth) 2 years ago. So it’s not an easy task to provide support to internal tuners.

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Kaixo Vasco! In libreelec there was an addon called dtb drivers and it gave the option to choose between different 3 drivers, but with the 3, tvheadend detected my tuner. In Coreelec I can’t find that addon and I don’t know how I could install it or where I can find the 3 different options.

In services you have each module separately. The addon to select modules will be installed automatically after the first module.
But if you’re using 9.x the module is there already in addons in

I was able to recover this device with an Android TV 9 firmware from ATV Xperence, now it works well for android and CE 19 Matrix starts me with the dtb tree of the KI PRO, everything works fine but it needs to recognize the satellite tuner by Tvheadend. If I had this from the satellite for CE 19 the device would be a good thing, I know that it is not easy but by trying some variant of the dtb tree nothing is lost. Thanks
Locked when installing CE in internal memory

That’s not what I said. I think you should try the dtb’s, no problem there. I was just informing that the support we can bring is, unfortunately, limited.

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Thank you very much Vasco! I have installed the drivers and now it detects my tuner, but it happens to me the same as in libreelec. I can’t tune in any channel. I think I do not configure the mux correctly, since I cannot find the necessary data such as frequency, polarization …

I think the wizard in tvheadend has some pre-co figured locations. But without that data you can’t do anything. But I doubt you can’t find the info in google.

Finding information about the broadcast characteristics of TV channels is not difficult, for example, at Usually it is enough to add only one MUX per provider to tvheadend, if ‘Network discovery’ is set to ‘New muxes + changed muxes’ then tvheadend will find the rest of the muxes from the same provider.

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I have seen this usb tuner, do you know if it could be used for CE 19 Matrix in an X96 Air or in the same S905D? I know there are other threads with this topic but I have written it in this most recent one. Thanks.

Over the years the support of drivers for satellite TV reception is disappearing. The devices that worked in 2019 no longer work today, there are only two classes of devices that will work for many years: SAT>IP servers and dedicated satellite receivers that allow exporting playlists (enigma2, android and others such as VBox Gateways). In short, I see a bad future for USB and PCI tuners.

The wild west of standards free hardware and no company driver support outside of Windows, and no cooperation with Linux developers. SAT>IP is a standards driven format so easy to support any hardware that uses it.

The future is standardized.


This was just what I needed to tune in all the channels. On other websites I found information about frequencies but something was always missing. In that link appears everything you need to be able to tune in all the channels. Thank you cubimol!

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