TVheadend messed up Channel TAGS

After creating and renaming 2 new channel tags, tvheadend messed up ALL my tags (even the pre-defined!)

Problem seems to be that curly brackets got inserted into tag in channels [see screenshot]
Any info on how this can be fixed ??
(already tried to find and replace the this via textedit, but could not figure out how to, because everything is handled via the ID of the tags)

Another Info:

I created 3 new files in ./tag/according to the naming on the left (green square) and edited the name-field. sadly this trick didn’t work

“enabled”: false,
“index”: 0,
“name”: “test1”,
“internal”: false,
“private”: false,
“icon”: “”,
“titled_icon”: false,
“comment”: “”

Bildschirmfoto 2020-10-15 um 21.30.34

Brackets are still present :frowning:

Re-Install of TVheadend Server didn’t work either

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