Tvheadend nightly builds for CE


Is here a repo for nightly build of tvheadend for CoreELEC?

Similar to LE:

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There is no manually downloadable repo available.
But if you are going to use our nightly builds, you could choose between three different TVH versions currently.

The CvH builds work equally well on CE.
I believe they are the same builds.

I am using the latest CvH build on CE (installed while seeking a solution to a problem and left installed).

Cannot install any of those builds on my Tanix TX5 Pro(amlogic 905X).

I’ve allowed browser access to the nightly addons, now:


I do not see any nightly builds for tvheadend

Only tvheadend 42 which is 4.2.7-34

Excuse me, I thought you was searching for the TVH client.
But the Odroid_C2 version of CvH’s repository should work on your box.

Are there any more fresh nightly versions available?

For Odroid N2

You can use the one of odroid c2.

have one guy here build tvheadend server 4.3 (Nightly) for Coreelec 9.2.0 + ??
if yes, then please share, thanks :ok_hand:

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