TVHeadend on CoreELEC 8.95.0 Black Screen on switching channels

Since updated my Wetek Play 2 to CoreELEC 8.95.0 I have problems with the live TV in TVHeadend. TVHeadend is 4.2 9.0.115 and TVHeadend HTSP Client is

When I switch channels it often does not work. The screen becomes black, no further channel switching is possible. The system cannot be switched off anymore, I have to pull the plug.

I have not have this problem before on 8.90.5.

Here is a log:

Many thanks in advance

I just gone back to CoreELEC 8.90.5, but now I have the problem there as well, strange.

So it is maybe a problem with the TVHeadend addons. I have updated both on 12.08.

I am back again on 8.95.0. It seems to help if I stop the channel, before selecting a new one.

This problem is dependent on the activated/running librespot addon. If I deactivate the librespot addon, I can switch channels in TVHeadend without problems.

Same problem. I hope it can be fixed somehow. I use TV and Librespot 90%.