Tvheadend refuses to start

So I have been running the nightly version of Tvheadend, which has been working for days on libreelec without reboot.

Since moving to coreelec, it works on the initial run and then overnight after maybe 12 hours or so the process for tvheadend doesn’t exist anymore. Naturally i go to disable the addon and re-enable, restart the box and nothing seems to get it working. The only thing that can start tvheadend is to re install the add on, which then it works for a part of the day again and it stops again.

I put the tvheadend log on “all” for trace so cant upload the full amount, but here is the last 1000 lines of it

And here is the debug log from kodi

I have managed to fix my own problem. It appears there was a problem with the “default” linux caclient that came with the nightly. Once deleted, it boots up fine.

I will report back if it crashes again.

sometimes I’m having tvheadend server not starting problem. Actually it’s starting but refusing connections. systemctl restart service.tvheadend42 solves the problem temporarily

put there a TVHE start delay, it helped me… I had “not connected” after every restart but the delay 7 seconds solved it for me

What does the log say?