Tvheadend streaming problem

I’m playing live TV on my my tablet over WiFi.
iperf3 shows that my wifi maintains minimum 30-40mbps at worst. TV shows are h264 HD videos. So this speed should be enough.

TV shows are being recorded to an external HDD.
Watching recorded TV shows in Kodi is not smooth, it freezes a lot.
But if I watch the same tv shows via FTP server, everything is fine.

It looks like a tvheadend streaming profile issue but I don’t know which one is the best to use for my problem.

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What streaming profile do you use and with what kind of alterations.

I use matroska instead of the default because it tends to result in smaller sized output files when recording and to date has been as smooth as I want it to be for almost all of the time.

I don’t know whether a simple change will make any difference to streaming but certainly worth a try for the few seconds that it takes to change it.

I tried all profiles. The problem is that watching recorded tv shows via tvheadend server freezes to much over WiFi, where ftp server works flawlessly.