TVHeadend with Astrometa DVB-T2 & Crazy Cat drivers

Hi there,

Just to let anyone trying this combination that this did not work so well, there were loads of errors receiving the TV signal even though the device looked fine in the TV Headend setup. I have given up for now and reconnected my TV stick to my Raspberry Pi.

Maybe when the mainline kernel is introduced it might work.

I can try and debug the issue next week if anyone is interested to find a solution.


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seems like the DVB drivers are not welcome. I don’t understand why newer releases break DVB-C,DVB-T2, DVB-S as well as USB Grabbers

Newer releases contain newer drivers which have support for newer hardware.

Unfortunately sometimes things get broken in the newer drivers but it’s not due to changes we have made.

Here is more information (DVB-T supported since kernel 3.13).

Its common to get stuck on older versions of CE/
LE as newer hardware pushes out support for older hardware. Matters are not helped by the multiple versions of the tuners mascerading as the same thing.

The best solution is to pay a bit more and get a better brand or alternatively use SATIP.


Do you have Panasonic or Sony chip? Panasonic chip works for me for latest media drivers. (9.0.3 CE)

I have SAT>IP, but really would like to use my ambilight /hyperion on external inputs (video grabber).