TVHProxy and PLEX media server

Hi I have TVHeadend and PLEX media server up and running and I heard that it is possible to send TVH channel to Plex through “TVHProxy”. Is this something CoreELEC guys could look into? That would be amazing.

You need a decent cpu for Plex with tvhproxy, because Plex is generally transcoding the stream regardless of the playback device.

I’m using Plex/tvhproxy on a Core i7 and even then it takes 8-10 seconds before the stream starts to play and the cpu usage is quiet high.
An Amlogic box is by far too weak for this task.

Make sense. Maybe a powerful NAS like Synology 918 could deal with that. Or maybe, in the future Plex could just pass through the raw signal without transcoding? Something like vlc does? I’m not an expert :slight_smile:

I assume Plex is generally transcoding it to ensure, it is working on each playback device.
But this is something the Plex developers need to change. The Synology DS 918 should be powerful enough, but I don’t know, if you can run tvhproxy on it (maybe only in a debian chroot).

I found another plugin called LiveTVH and installed it just to give it a go. Tried it with different profiles, also created a new one from scratch in TVH and it’s actually working a little bit… Video plays only for about 15 seconds. So, a little bit more power and better upload speed should do it I think.