Tx92 box help

i just bought a new tx92-lp 3g/32g box. i used the q201-1g dtb. i works pretty great except ethernet speed is kinda slow im getting about 490Mb down and about 90Mb up. when i boot to android i get 900/900. i tried a couple different dtbs but got same speeds. any help would be great. thanks

How are you measuring the speed what protocol ? Are you using it as a server 490Mb down is fast enough even for the biggest bitrate HDR file.

im sure you are correct that it is fast enough. i was just trying to find out if this is a known issue or if maybe there was a work around to get full gigabit ethernet speed. thanks

forgot to say that i used speedtest.net from both android and coreelec

You used the command line version in CE and in android?

Ah I see there is an addon.

SSH into your box and run the following command in CE.

curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sivel/speedtest-cli/master/speedtest.py | python -

Using iperf (it’s part of the network-tools addon) is a much more accurate way of testing the network throughput of your box.
In addition, cheap Chinese Android boxes often use sub-par components that either require very specific drivers or non-standard configurations to work at full capacity, it’s almost impossible for us to get all available devices to work at their full network speed due to this variance.

Using iperf on my TX92 with CE 9.0.1 I’m getting over 900Mbps in both directions.

running that command gave me 750/350. more than good enough for me.
thanks for everyones help. i tried iperf but couldnt figure it out