U2C Z-Pro used to boot Coreelec, but not no more!

Hi Folks,

I am having some trouble with my U2C z pro box. it is a sort of clone of an M8s II s905x box but with 4 USB rather than two (uses the same .dtb as M8s II). Starting to think maybe I have a HW issue, although hoping someone may have some words of wisdom.

I have custom android ROM (Xannytech P3) installed (I have this on about 5 s905x boxes and is pretty good and snappy for droid)

I originally did have the U2C box with Xannytech Rom in place, but booting from SD with coreelec and all worked great for about a year. This box is in my daughter’s bedroom and she wanted google photos and YouTube in addition to kodi, so I went back to droid, took the card out and put a fresh one in, selecting to use as part of OS rather than additional storage. still all good. My daughter got a smart TV with YouTube / photos on so I decided to go back to coreelec and this is where my troubles started.

I expected it to ‘just work’ when I put the coreelec SD back in, but it didn’t, still booting droid. I tried selecting ‘forget storage’ in droid thinking this may be the issue but still no change. I tried the SD in one of my other M8 II boxes and it worked just fine.

I then tried the reset way holding in reset and attaching power the same way I did when I first ran coreelec on this box but still it booted to droid.

next I tried a freshly set up SD writing coreelec to the card with Rufus as I always do and using reset route. still only droid :frowning:

I can see the coreelec partition and can access in droid. it gets mounted OK. I have tried several SD that all work fine in other boxes but always the same. Cant boot from them but can see and access them in Driod.

my ROM is routed so I tried forcing to reboot from SD using terminal with command ‘reboot update’ but the box then just hangs on the splash screen, doesn’t load from SD or move on to droid.

next i decided to try to re-flash my Xannytech rom with USB burning tool to bring back to default setting like it was the very first time I set up coreelec on this box. all flashed fine and booted to droid and was working well for droid, but still same issue unable to boot from SD.

to add insult to injury, after re-flashing the device is no longer picked up by my PC when connecting to the OTG port so I cant event try taking it back to original FW and try that route, or try alternate roms that work for this box.

I am all out of things to try…

does anyone have anything else I could try?

Thanks in advance!!!

So i fixed it :grinning: :grinning:

Ran USB burning tool, loaded my ROM, selected ‘force erase all’ and started USB burning tool. connected my box using OTG port,( it was not picked up, had one last try with reset, still not picked up)

i went to terminal and ran ‘reboot update’ after reboot the box was picked up and flashed. following this it is picked up again every time i connect to PC.

I inserted SD and tried reset, didn’t work, so tried ‘reboot update’ again from terminal and boom! booted to CoreELEC from SD

Box is now booting to CoreELEC or Droid as i choose, yippee!!

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