UFW support


Is there any way to use UFW, in coreELEC.

I know coreELEC have iptables built in but UFW it’s more simple and for what I want to do is enough to


You can install Entware on CE, and then install anything it offers in its repos.
According to this, UFW is not part of the Entware repo, but worth a check.

Thanks a lot, I will check it .
And they to learn more about iptables since ufw is a front-end for it.
How hard can it be :thinking:

I have to install entware like say on the forum and then use OPKG like any enigma system
Right ?
OPKG is alike apt on Ubuntu … I think I have the right idea …
Sorry for the rusty English it isn’t my “default” language

Yeah, you install entware and then use opkg command, similar to how it’s done in ubuntu with apt.

UFW is just a wrapper on top. The templates for home, public are normally sufficient for 99% of people.
I don’t think UFW is worth the work sorry.
If you have some complicated scenario you can easily realize it with iptables.

I just want to allow some ip to have access such Lan IP and VPN IP … That’s all
I have to study iptables for that