Ugoos AM6 Plus @ 1.8GHz

So, I received my AM6 Plus a couple of days ago. It came in an official (green) AM6 Plus box, had AM6 Plus on the device sticker but during boot I only saw a S922X logo (without the J) and in CE the CPU was listed as Amlogic S922X rev b. Furthermore, the CPU freq was 1.8GHz. So I mailed Ugoos about this and they promptly replied:



Kindly please now, all boot logo of AM6, AM6 Pro and AM6 Plus are showing S922X same as CPU. But it will be different for the board when you open the case.

For CPU colock speeds, Amlgoic had replied to us, they mixed other OEM client orders. Our Ugoos AM6 Plus S922X-J should be with 2.2Ghz, but Amlogic sent one small batch with another version 1.8Ghz S922X-J for us. In order to avoid any misunderstanding caused, we already informed our all resellers in Aliexpress or any other platforms, let them explain and help to deal with the compensation about this mistake. However, we make sure this mixed batch 1.8Ghz s922x-j also included Dobly vision and audio license.

If you meet this problem, I will suggest you to show the shop seller with an image to show the Serial number on the setting part, as we can track the AM6 Plus if it is the batch Amlogic mixed by Serial number, thanks.


I opened the box and lifted the heatsink… it is indeed an S922X-J…

I contacted the reseller but haven’t heard from him yet.

A53 cores shows 1.8 GHz for both rev. A and rev. B in CE
If you have rev.b then it works on 2.2GHz

It also shows 1.8GHz in Ugoos hardware monitor in Android.

It’s probably a fail safe OS value to work on rev.a and rev.b version. With rev.b you can raise it up to 2.2GHz

You’re right.
I installed CPU-Z and it shows A53 cores run at 1.8GHz and A73 cores run at 2.2GHz :slight_smile: