UGOOS AM6 Plus fails to initialize CEC

Thank you for suggesting this. I just tried with clean install of ce19.2rc2 to sd card, without configuring anything else besides ssh. You are completely right, thank you! CEC seems to work after switching sources and putting tv to sleep or turning it off and on again.
Log here:

I think you are right that something breaks when upgrading from older versions (excluding 19 beta nightly 20210113). I haven’t had time to test it for long but this seems very promising. I’ll try configuring everything from scratch and post results here.
Ugoos really made this difficult, I liked having it installed to internal memory. I suspect they may have done it because there was a guy posting on Freaktab forums and selling dual boot AndroidTV / Coreelec images for money.
Thank you again!
I will post results when I have more time to test after configuring everything from scratch.

I tried that clean install with CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-19.2-Matrix_rc2-Generic.img.gz. I just changed CEC to TV + AVR and enabled logging . But CEC does not work (kodi0.log).
kodi0.log (214.8 KB)

Then I downgraded using CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-19.0-Matrix_nightly_20210113.tar and CEC works (kodi2.log). You could see in the log that it detects the TV brand.

2021-06-14 05:58:17.051 T:5004 DEBUG : CecLogMessage - << Playback 1 (4) → TV (0): vendor id Panasonic (8045)

kodi2.log (220.1 KB)

I think something has changed between these two versions that broke CEC on the ugoos am6 (with certain TVs and amps).

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So you have the AVR connected at HDMI port 6 on the TV and the AM6 on HDMI port 1 on the AVR???
Recorder 1 (1): physical address changed from ffff to 6100

The old log shows this address:
Playback 1 (4): physical address changed from ffff to 2300

So the AVR is connected at HDMI port 2 on the TV and AM& is connected on HDMI port 3 on AVR???

The CE AM6 is connected to the amplifier on port 3. The TV is connected to that same amplifier to port 6 (for ARC) and to port HDMI OUT (no number printed on the metal box).

The various numbers you may see in the previous logs come from the suggestion you made to try to explicitly define the physical address. I was also suggested to try 3600 instead of 6300.

I must add that I never changed the physical port where the cables are connected during all the tests (I just plug and unplug the cable on the CE box when I want to use another one (TANIX most of the time and ugoos now).

The test made this morning after a clean install had 0 as physical address. And it is with this number that it works when running 19.0-Matrix_nightly_20210113. The other working box I used in the past (TANIX, Magicsee and Minix) also always had 0.

On the DENON amplifier, port 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7 have nothing connected to them.

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