Ugoos AM6 Plus remote doesn't work with CoreELEC

I just received my new Ugoos AM6 Plus and put CoreELEC into an micro-sd card.
I can boot into the micro-sd card with CoreELEC and Kodi GUI is working.
However I can’t make the Ugoos remote working with CoreELEC.

This is the remote I have:

What can I do to fix this?

If you have the same hardware, did you manage to make it work?
Do you think I would have better luck with the official dual-boot firmware from the Ugoos team?


I would switch to a Bluetooth or rf remote as they are much more responsive. I’m using the minix remote and harmony hub Bluetooth. You will love not having to point.

I already have some old RF remotes from previous devices, but it should be great to make this device plug and play with CoreELEC.
I would like to know if someone else makes it working and if not what could I do to make it working (mapping each button manually?).

Did you check this?

Awesome, thank you.
Is there a reason why this is not present in the CoreELEC images by default?

Rethink: Which one should be supported in a generic image?!?

It would be cool to have an automatic system, but I guess it is too complicated to develop.

Yes, automated detection is indeed not possible, and also not worth the effort in case there is only one file to copy to the right place.
But maybe it would be possible in future to extend the DL helper, to point to the right remote file for the selected box.

With Bluetooth or rf remote, how do you turn the system on, if it is powered off???

My understanding is that is has to be through the IR receiver. I am using SBC C4.

Any hints or thoughts in this regard?


My box run 24/7 since it’s in a closet.

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