Ugoos AM6 Pro vs Ugoos AM6 Plus (or Odroid N2)?

Hi there

So I’m torn between Ugoos AM6 Pro vs Ugoos AM6 Plus. I need CE to run from eMMC and Android from uSD OR both from eMMC if possible.

From what I know, the difference between above two is that Plus version has S922X-J 2.2 GHz CPU and Dolby Vision support vs S922X-H 1.8 GHz in Pro model and no Dolby Vision support.

Difference in price is around $15 so no big deal.

So my question is. Can I use images downloaded here - for Regular-Non-Pro or Pro ver. to use them in Plus Version? Will they work?


As a sidenote.

At first I also thought of buying Odroid N2 - but this developer board might be to much hassle for me. Now, I need box with very good WiFi - I do not have cables where I’ll put the device. I heard that WiFi dongle (5A) for Odroid N2 is not so good.

I also need remote support out of the box (Logitech Harmony via IR). Can I do that with Odroid N2?

What would you choose?

Ugoos AM6 (Pro, Plus) or Odroid N2. Here in Poland, Odroid N2 set would costs me around $195 while Ugoos Pro, Plus - around $135 - $140.