Ugoos Am6b+ 21b2 vs 20.3

I ordered an Ugoos Am6b+ and I am trying to figure out if I should run the 20.3 stable dv version or the 21Beta 2. I know the disadvantages of 21 such as lack of full add on support and bugs. But at this point, to primarily use the box for playing BR backup remuxes streamed from my media server are there meaningful features or improvements in 21 Beta 2 (nightly or not) that would make it worth it to run it instead of the 20.3 ng dv stable build. Clearly, all things being equal I would rather run the stable build, unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise. I have read through all the forums, and am leaning towards running 20.3, if anyone can share reasons I might want to consider 21b2 instead, I would appreciate it.

Why not try both versions and decide which one works best for you ?

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