Ugoos am6b+ hdmi CEC turns on but no video

I have my am6b+ running coreelec 21.0-omega-rc2 ng with an LG oled tv and a yamaha AVR. Signal chain is ugoos to avr to tv ARC port

cec setup as:
switch to this device on startup - yes
CEC client - playback mode
action when switch - pause
physical address - 0
force AVR to wake - yes
send inactive source on shutdown - yes
power off during shutdown - tv and avr (explicit)
tv language - no
power on during startup - tv and avr (explicit)
wake up by active route - yes
wake up by auto power on - yes
wake up by streaming path/routing change - yes
device name - coreelec

with this, HDMI-CEC is working 99%. when I change inputs, media is paused and unpaused when I change back. when I power off my tv the AVR also powers off and the ugoos suspends. the tv remote works for kodi navigation fine (with the exception that LG’s magic remote nonsense gets in the way a lot but that’s beside the point)

when I power on the TV with the tv remote the tv and ugoos box come on but the tv always reports no signal. However, the receiver always says coreelec, the tv usually says coreelec, and I can usually use the navigation buttons on the tv remote randomly and hear kodi UI sounds being played despite no video. If i use the device remote to power the ugoos off and on I get video.

is there something I should change or another place I should be looking to make this work with the tv remote?

edit: reading more in the dev thread it appears that this may just be an issue with the device having a locked bootloader. I cannot inject the bl301 blob because of that. That said even if I power on the ugoos first with the OEM remote it does not send CEC on to the other devices; although if I do this and then power on the other devices it appears normally and I dont get the missing input issue