Ugoos AM6B+ issues

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I got an AM6B+ (Not an AM6 so please don’t merge this into that thread). I am running latest nightly coreelec. Not only is tv-led not working and when this is on I get strange shadow issues and have to use player-led. But also there is big lag and stutter among other glitches and issues.

First off PM4K is very glitchy. If you turn on the setting to start with kodi, it loads instantly before the ethernet has a chance to connect, then fails trying to connect to plex servers, then no matter how many times you hit reconnect it will fail to find plex until you 1. turn off auto starting plex, and 2. reboot the unit and wait a good 3 minutes for ethernet to connect.

In addition playing 4k remux with layer 7 DV often is laggy and stuttery. When playing these movies hitting the pause button is delayed by a lot and so is the resume button causing stutter/lag, and PM4K doesn’t wait for any buffering to start playing video making there be a good 20 seconds of stuttery lag every time you start a move.

If I play these same movies on my Nvidia shield or Macbook there are no issues, no stutter, playback is fine. Sure maybe the shield doesn’t support fel and this corelec (might?). I am not really convinced this box is doing much right though strongly considering just using the shield.

Here is proof I am not the only one with these issues: Stuttering after pausing or rewinding the video in CoreElec · Issue #123 · pannal/plex-for-kodi · GitHub

It sounds like either the ethernet port on your Ugoos is broken or you’re using a bad cable maybe?

Did you try playing a file in Kodi natively over a network share like NFS or SMB?

You can also try to disable FEL processing by changing the DV option from “Lossless” to “Convert to profile 8.1” and see what happens.

What are your cache settings?