Ugoos AM6B+ no HDR to SDR conversion

When using an Ugoos AM6B+ running CE (K21 stable or latest nightly) directly into an old SDR display, I get no SDR conversion when playing HDR mkv files. I’ve tried regular HDR10 mkv files, as well as mkv files that are HDR10 + DV P7. All content sourced from disc via makemkv. Playback is extremely dark with little colour.

Same files play back with decent SDR conversion on my Vero V and Vero 4K+ boxes.

Appreciate advice.

Try cpm’s VS10 build to do the SDR conversion instead:

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I just tried the build by @cpm and the SDR conversion is excellent, probably the best I’ve seen. This addresses a big feature gap in the main CE build, hopefully it will be migrated in due course.

Yes, this box with DV P7 FEL + VSVDB injection + VS10 blows every other box out of the water :rofl:

Very cool to be able to plug this box to old TVs/Projectors having no HDR with still good results

HDR10 → DV and SDR10 → DV conversions are also surprisingly good

The possibility to adjust VSVDB block to specific projector setup (any projector supporting HDR) is the cherry on the cake (I don’t know if it impacts HDR/DV → SDR tonemapping though)

Does anyone know if the very poor HDR to SDR conversion with the mainline CE builds is something that might be as good as it gets without the wondrous VS10 bolt-on? Interested to understand, as currently the SDR conversion is among the worst I’ve encountered, the result isn’t watchable.

Here’s a log of playing an HDR10 mkv with SDR conversion enabled.