Ugoos AM6B Plus DUALBOOT image change to -dv

Hello. I can’t google the answer, so want to ask here directly: any chance to update dualboot image to the new ng-dv? Or it’s up to Ugoos support and before they burn a new (-dv) image in their firmwer file we can’t do anything except to use SD-card boot?
I want to use dualboot feature and latest CoreELEC, not just CE only eMMC.
Thanks a lot!

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Go to Ugoos website

Down load dual boot firmware,
User amlogic firmware burning tool (included in downloaded file) to reflash your box
Boot into Android and make your setting
Long press power button then you will see Boot to CE option
After boot to CE, its ce 19.5, then copy ng-dv 20.5 to /storage/.update then reboot

Thanks! I thought about this way, but was confused by messages from CE-Team that a -dv installation MUST be clean. Installing, not updated, as I remember.
Is the way you provided reinstall bootloader as supposed?

Dl the generic image file then update, it is clean install.

Sorry, I don’t get te “DI”. Could you explain it?

Download i mean :grin:

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