Ugoos AM6b+ screen resolution

Hello, I have a 1440p@75hz monitor but LE only offers me 1080p@60Hz max. If someone has an idea ?

LE and CE give only 1080p GUI resolution by default and let the TV to do the upscale. Play a movie and press O and take an shoot of the info.

You don’t really pay attention, do you? 1080p it’s the GUI resolution not the resolution of the video playing. Displaying in a higher resolution the CE GUI always made issues.
So, if you want to watch a 2k, 4k uhd doesn’t matter if the GUI is at 1080 p. Like I said already, you can just verify the movie resolution by clicking O on remote. Or in video settings.

Sorry, no idea. Arch Linux is different from CE. Let’s hope you get an answer from the devs.

Or just go here: [How To] Install run Manjaro ARM on Amlogic TV Boxes with S922X - S905X3 SOC - Tutorials - Manjaro Linux Forum

CE also offers native 4K GUI as an option. The Problem here is that your monitor is using a VESA mode that is not supported by the Kernel probably.

It has nothing to do with what the max output is. Since 2160p is after all supported, which is much higher resolution then 1440p. You can’t just set any resolution you feel like under that, since that is not how it works. The kernel must know the timing info it needs to generate a given mode, and the kernel only has that information for standard TV modes, and some vesa modes. Amlogic intends their SoC to be used in Android TV boxes. So had no reason to try and add every non standard mode imaginable.

So in short the problem is that the kernel doesn’t know how to generate a 2560x1440p(if this is what you mean by 1440p) signal.

Now if you are willing to test and give feedback since I don’t have a display that supports that resolution, I can look at adding 2560x1440p support to the kernel.

You would get only 1440p@30hz or 60hz top for movies, don’t know if its possible to jump to 75hz, that’s only for gaming. Anyway, so called 2k resolution is only use by the projectors and its labeled as master format.
Ok, maybe somebody who works with video editing can enlighten us on this matter.

@Dams If you manually update to the build linked below the 2560x1440@60hz video mode should be available.

I can push the changes to CoreELEC if this works, if not we can look a bit further into what is happening.

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