Ugoos AM7 NE Beta 1 - Missing partition 'super' on eMMC

After reinstalling the stock android firmware 1.0.7 (any higher and I can’t get the system to boot into CoreElec) when I boot from the sdcard I get the following error "Missing partition ‘super’ on eMMC!. No media playback possible!’

As far as I understand, the Ugoos AM7 is supposed to be compatible with the ne builds? I am aware I wont get Dolby Vision due to the processor lacking the licence.

Not sure what else to try to get this up and running.
The 20.2 NG build (non dv) works fine

Read whole message?

Current Android installed on eMMC does not have 'super' partition which is required for media playback in CoreELEC. Android must be reinstalled on your device to satisfy the requirements.

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