Ugoos x2cube power consumption

Hi guys. I installed my tvbox behind the TV, but the problem is that I can’t connect additional power to it, because I no longer have 220 volt sockets available. Also, I have an xbox series s installed near the TV. I was thinking of powering the tvbox from the xbox usb port. The problem is that the native tvbox power supply is ~2.5A, and the xbox with a usb port is 900mA maximum. Will this power supply be enough for the tvbox? I tried to find the datasheet on the s905x2 to clarify the power consumption, but I couldn’t find it.


You need to use adapter that came with tv box

After thought
Maybe buy a power strip with surge protection
Then TV xbox and ugoos are all protected

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As a result, I powered my x2cube from the xbox usb port, and I don’t see any problems. Tvbox works stably. I have conducted several stress tests using sterss-ng combining it with iperf.

Very good
Have been reading a little about this.
X box usb port is always powered/even when x box is off.
You have almost 1 amp from x box…
You are using which type usb cable?
To otg port on ugoos?

I see there are usb to barrel jack cables.

I would still recommend power strip with surge protection!!!.

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I used a cheap short (20cm) UsbA-Usb micro cable.


This is my opinion only

Stressing all cores and ram through computations is not the same as steaming 4K/Video playback/youtube etc…

Where only one or 2 cores do all the work and other’s sit idle…

Random reboots from loss of power etc…

There is a reason for power supply rated ar 2.5 amp

Hopefully you never have issues
And all is good

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