Ugoos X4 Judder/Stutter with 50Hz source material (ne bug, ng is ok)


Firstly, thanks to the team that work on CE, it is much appreciated. (I’ve successfully used an Ugoos X3 for over a year until last week when it developed a serious h/w fault. So I bought a new X4 cube).

I’m using the latest nightly build (CE20 ne nightly build - 8th Feb), but have also tried the latest CE20ne stable. (both clean installs).

Suspected bug: Source material is 50Hz, CE20 is correctly outputting 50Hz, however I occasionally see judder that is most evident on slow pans. I see the problem with all 50Hz material, (23.98Hz is superb). I’d be grateful if someone could test a similar setup and confirm. (The X3 using CE19.5 didn’t have this issue).



Today, I thought I’d try the ng builds (both stable and nightly), and they behave ok, no judder/stutter. As a sanity check, I did a fresh install of ne nightly; the judder/stutter with a 1080p 50Hz source returned. So, it appears as though the ne build has an issue.

All tests were done with the correct sc2_s905x4_ugoos_x4 device tree, and were fresh installs.

(I’m new to this forum, and therefore not sure if this post is in the correct place. Feel free to move somewhere more suitable, thanks).

Hi, do you still experience the judder with 50hz material?
I use Homatics Box R 4K Plus box with CoreELEC 21 on an LG C1 tv, and I also noticed some judder on 50hz signal (the source file was 25 FPS, actually). It could have been a faulty file of course, will need to do some more tests.

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