Ugoos X4 Pro Amlogic-ne 20.2 ceemc

Dear CE team. Congratulations and thanks for CE. I used and still use it on many devices.

My latest device is an Ugoos X4 Pro on which I now run CE supported Amlogic-ne 20.2 Nexus from uSD.

On all previous and other current devices I run and ran CE from eMMC (Amlogic-ng 20.2 on later ones).

In wiki I believe I read two somewhat conflicting pieces information about ceemmc

(1). coreelec:ceemc [CoreELEC Wiki]
mentions: Compatibility for SC2 S905X4 Amlogic-NE (which is Ugoos X4 Pro SoC)
(2). coreelec:ugoos [CoreELEC Wiki]
mentions: Install CoreELEC to eMMC currently unavailable for SoC S905X4 (SC2)

Can someone comment? I don’t use Android so I would be happy to install to eMMC single boot mode, like I have always done for all previous devices. But I hesitate because of (2).

fwiw: ceemc is available:

Ugoos-X4-Pro:~ # which ceemmc

but not supported:

Ugoos-X4-Pro:~ # ceemmc
Starting CoreELEC eMMC installation tool...
System is not supported: sc2_s905x4_ugoos_x4!

cemmc - x… :roll_eyes: Wasn’t the full command for generic devices?

@Garcea : right. but few remarks

a) Ugoos X4 Pro is supported CE device for Amlogic-ne and as such I guess less a ‘generic’ device.
b) coreelec:ugoos [CoreELEC Wiki] does mention -x as not supported for its SoC
c) coreelec:ceemc [CoreELEC Wiki] does mention its SoC as supported

this confused me.


Ugoos-X4-Pro:~ # ceemmc -x

Starting CoreELEC eMMC installation tool…

System is not supported: sc2_s905x4_ugoos_x4!

There is NO official support by Team CoreELEC
if you continue to run this tool!
Continue? [y]: n


If anyone has experience with Ugoos X4 Pro Amlogic-ne ceemmc, feel free to share it.

Go to the end, press Y instead. Should be easy to reinstall Android back to internal. The warning was by design, if I remember right?

@Garcea : I have installed ‘ceemmx -x’ many times and also restored android many times.
But this is the first time I read (on coreelec:ugoos [CoreELEC Wiki]) marked red “currently unavailable for SoC”. Moreover elsewhere (coreelec:ceemc [CoreELEC Wiki]) I read it is compatible with Soc and NE (albeit, as always, not supported by team for generic devices).
So I hesitate.
May I kindly ask: did you (or anyone else) Y/N install NE to eMMC for some SC2 Family S905X4 SoC and Ugoos X4 Pro in particular maybe?

Yes, Ugoos X4 is one of them. Backup your setup and be sure to have Android firmware (Ugoos has it).

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@Vasco: thanks for kind reaction, with ‘one of them’ you mean:

  • one of them on which ceemc -x has already been reported to be successful ?
  • one of them on which ceemc -x has not yet been reported to be successful ?

It works with Ugoos X4 Pro

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Thanks ! I will give it a go and share my experience.

Testing 2 machine SC2 S905X4


Both on internal single boot
Also .ne.arch 64 Omega

Issues with add on Dependencies

Of all the TV boxes to not use Android on
UGOOS arguably the best out there

Have rolled all machines back to to Nexus ng arm
Till further notice.

Happy Testing

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Thanks all for kind help and providing courage to install Nexus NE to emmc on X4 Pro.

It was successful.

I have two minor comments to be careful about.

  1. if (like me) you have entware installed, remove it from front of PATH because one needs the CE busybox. In fact entware busybox makes ceemmc fail …

so I had to reinstall Android

  1. to install Android read the X4 Pro install PDF. In particular one needs to
  • connect USB OTG
  • connect power
  • keep reset button 5 sec

otherwise Amlogic device is not recognized by Windows for burning tool.

Have a nice day!

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I personally bought s905x4 Ugoos X4 Pro to be current compatible with NE 64/32 Nexus and future compatible with NE 64/64 Omega indeed. I have no experience yet with other NE compatible devices. As for NG devices I also like my s922x Beelink gt_king, perhaps more than my s905x3 Ugoos X3 Pro.

You are ready for the future New Era

Testing Multiple Machine CoreELEC

T95N (Mini Mx +)

H96 Pro Plus
c-dal octocore



And any other Amlogic i come across !!!
Most are in the Field
Friends n Family using

Combination of dual OS on most boxes
With 4.9.269 kernel
Is most stable

S905X4 Iam using external SD
Now to test arch 64

Happy Testing

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