UHD playback issue

UHD playback issue:
Some UHD BD Remux showing 8 bit colour, let say Movie A(First Blood, Cliffhanger). If change to another UHD Remux which shows 10 bit colour, let say Movie B, playing stops in 3 seconds with black screen and no sound.

Restart the the box, if play Movie B, no issue. If play Movie A after, same issue as above.

I reverse the system to 8.95.6, and still have the same issue. Just didn’t realise before.

Edit: If disable auto colour depth switching, no issue, but all uhd bd would be 8 bit.

Edit: My system resolution was set to 2160p, refresh rate 24. The above issue disappeared when I changed the refresh rate to 30. The “8 bit” UHD movies now show 10 bit. Just some information for the developers.

You should set GUI to 1080P@60 or @50, and let Kodi switch resolution/refresh rate automatically.
To get the automatic color depth switch to work, a resolution and/or refresh rate change is required.

Thanks for the information.

I didn’t realise that. All good now.