UK Freeview SD Jumpy Playback

Evening guys,

Got a strange issue that I’ve been having when watching SD Channels via TVH but also happens if I do a recording and play it through the file system in that playback is choppy/jumpy.

I don’t think it’s been like this forever, but don’t often watch SD stuff.

I’ve put a sample of a recording as well as a short video clip showing the playback jumpiness on my TV.

This is happening on my Nokia 8010 and 2x Vontar X4s, all of which are running:

20.3-Nexus_nightly_20230923 (Amlogic-ne aarch64)

If there are any logs required let me know, hoping it’s something or nothing.

Please update to latest nightly and try again.

That’s resolved it! Apologies, I should have tried doing that first.

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