Ultra HD (4K) output possible with Odroid C2


just bought a new TV, so I’m interested, if I can use my C2 for full 4k hdmi output?
If yes, can you give me a small tutorial, because, if I set the resolution to more than 1080p, I’ve got a black screen.
if not, will the C4 do it?


C2 and C4 can do it. C4 is more up to date and will also do HDR and obviously gets more attention. Most likely the cable is bad.

i think I’ve got the bottleneck,
I’ve got an old Kenwood receiver between C2 and the television, which makes HDMI passthrought.
I’ve bet the receiver can’t handle UHD…

One last question, is the C2 really powerful enough for UHD material?

Thanks WebEye

My opinion: No
Most UHD is HDR - C2 can´t handle HDR
Better buy the C4 or the best chioce -> N2+

I have exchanged my N2 as main device for an C4. C4 has a more stable USB. Also g12 (a and b) are very buggy in some areas. Sm1 SoC family is more stable and have a lot of hw bugfixes. But either N2+ or C4 is fine.

Thanks for your opinions…
I think, I’ll still use the C2 with 1080p output, till I find a proper receiver…
Connecting the device directly with the TV and connect the receiver with optical cable is no option since I want to listen to audio without turning on the TV

Thanks anyway,

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