Unable to delete 0 byte files

Once in a while, after I have finished with a video file and deleting it (or so I thought), the file name remains listed.

I then try to delete it again and nothing happens.

All that the log shows is something along the lines of:

ERROR : Delete - Error deleting file /storage/videos/POLITICS/Democrats Host Cringeworthy Maskless Fundraiser.mp4

If I then go to the internal file manager and try to delete the now 0 byte file, a ‘delete failed’ error is returned.

I tried deleting the folder that contains the files but that doesn’t work either.

Neither WinSCP or Windows file explorer sees the files, only the internal file manager.

I suspect that this is unlikely to be a CE specific issue but wondered if anybody else had come across the same issue and knew how to force deletion.

Use SSH:

rm -rf <filename> or <folder>
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Nothing happened when applying to the files but when I used it to remove the folder I got an error stating that the structure needs cleaning, so will have to run fsck to correct it.

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