Unable to map Back / Home buttons on USB/RF remote

Hi all. I have an issue where the back button on a few remotes (including X6 and MX3) is not able to remap to the back action. I understand that this needs to be done with keymap.xml or the GUI editor. With the Kodi Keymap editor, when i try to register this “key” to the back button, it does not register at all. It appears this key may be putting out a right click mouse button? If i try other buttons on the remote, they can be registered to the back bottom. The other button that also acts odd is the home button on the remote – that does not seem to register, and for the keymap editor, there is no home command.

I would assume others have this issue, and wonder if there are any workaround for these RF remotes?

I’ve got a Mx3 remote and back button / home button works out of the box using 9.0.1 CE
just to be clear on my remote it is this one Box doesn't power on

Behavior I noticed of the remote (MX3ish) is when you have mouse pointer mode enabled some buttons on the remote home, back, ok…etc don’t work. You have to press the pointer button to disable mouse mode for buttons to register again.

Previously disabled mouse support in Kodi and so it wasn’t obvious to me that it had even been enabled since there was no cursor visible on screen.

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Thank you both. Not sure why I have an issue with this then. I did try them on my windows PC with kodi 18, and the back button worked as it should. Just have an issue on s912 box and CE.

Yes, I make sure the pointer is not enabled. I will keep playing around with it.

Clean out all settings you have previously mapped with this addon.
Reboot (maybe not necessary) then see what works.

I have a similar issue with my Rikomagic RKM MK705 airmouse / remote (which is actually a Rii i25 Mini Wireless Keyboard / Air mouse clone).

In Android, with Kodi 16, 17, 18 the back button works out of the box (though it cannot be be remapped with Keymap Editor add-on - If you press it to map it, it just gets you back one step / level, so the Keymap Editor does not assign an action for it).

I also remember not having issues with (quite) old versions of LibreElec. I haven’t tried LibreElec for years.

With CoreElec (I have only installed versions > 9.0.0) I started having this issue. The back button sometimes works but not always. Half of the times it will not work as intended and will just get me to an, “out of focus” point where all on-screen buttons lose the highlighted “status” and I cannot click and do anything with the remote (and any of it’s buttons) unless I enable the mouse function and drag the mouse cursor on the “on screen” button I want to press (like cancel, back, OK, etc) to be able to do anything. Really strange. I resorted to abandon the default back button and map another button for such function, but it’s a shame this default button does not work correctly.

p.s. I have tried and I am actually using the Rii i25 remote file but the issue remains unsolved.

Yes, I have seen some other mentions on the web about issues with this button.

Is there a system/hidden file re: remote codes that perhaps could be looked at. Probably over my head here, but I could compare Windows version to my box version. Thanks

Is this going to be resolved to be able to use “back” button on remote when “air mouse” function is enabled?

Thank you very much supersnail! :slight_smile:
disabling mouse mode
I was unable to get my Air Mouse MX3 working correctly - eg OK Button was not working.
I even added udev rules ([SOLVED] My RF remote has stopped working after migration to Kodi v17 - #33 by eubuleus - Raspberry Pi - OSMC Forums - idVendor=0c45, idProduct=5101 - did not do the trick)

mouse mode did not cross my mind :laughing: