Unable to save IR Remte Power Code


I am using Core-Elec 20.5 on a N2+ and I have a Mini-X remote. I had the IR wake working some years ago and now I want it working again. When I in Kodi go to system/hardware and under Power choose “Ir Remote Power Code” and change it to MiniX it does so, but as soon as I leave hardware and return to hardware it is not set anymore, thus not working. Why won’t hardware save?

The same goes for the other settings in Hardware.

Ok, I could be mistaken but I have a very similar setup and this what I would suggest:

  • set desired settings in hardware section
    -back out of menu’s to the home screen
    -popup would say reboot required

Try it and check settings after reboot

Hi Atreyu.

Thank you for reaching to help. :slight_smile:

There is no pop-up. It seems like my changes are just instantly forgotten?

That’s odd. I always get a ‘reboot now’ popup after changing these settings. I guess that’s because it seems to set the value(s) on reboot in some config file.

What happens if you change the ir code and immediately reboot ?