Unico Fun RE SNK Arcade USB port not working (powered by Amlogic S905X

Hi everyone,

New to the Forum, Just recently got A Unicorn Fun RE two players Arcade, with 50 Officially SNK licensed games. The official OS is pretty bad, and all games looks terrible. So I was looking into the PCB see if it can be loaded with other Open Source OS like Coreelec.

And luckily it is powered by the Amlogic S905X. 1GB of ram and 16GB of internal storage. And I was able to boot it into Coreelec nicely. But found that, none of the USB ports is working. And the joysticks and button that come with the system, which is connected to a Jamma Port, (but I think it is only half a Jamma really, there are no signal on the AV side of thing, just buttons) is not working either.

I tried all solution I can found on the forum. But none of them seems to work. I was just wondering if it is possible to request device support, or things I can help provide to help look into this issue. It would be fantastic for such system to gain custom OS support, like it’s brother the MVSX, Neogeo Mini, as well as the Arcade stick Pro.

UPDATE: I am able to boot and have working USB ports with Batocera, But still find WiFi and JoyStick Not working.

Thank you so much for the helps in advance.

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