Unknown hardware CPU black box YuppTV

I’ve been using Libreelec on a Lenovo “tiny” desktop for years, and am familiar with Linux, but never owned Android media players. Recently I’ve acquired the YuppTV device and want to install the correct version of CoreElec, but need to know what CPU is inside the box. Here’s the product website:

Is there any way I can query the device via its GUI (Kodi?) or should I SSH into it and run some Linux CLI command?
Please help?

The description says quadcore 1.5ghz and android 4.4. That makes it sound like it may be an s805 based device if it even has an amlogic soc in it.

If this is the case then it won’t be supported by CoreELEC since we only support the s905 and newer Amlogic soc.

A system info utility like cpu-z may help identify the soc on this device. But I haven’t used such an app so can’t give you any guidance on that.

Thanks mate!
And how do I boot into Android on this device to be able to install CPU-Z from Google Play?
I have a USB keyboard and mouse I can plug into the player …

What OS does it have right now? Android TV boxes usually come with Android installed on them.

It has Android 4.4 and some Indian version of Kodi for watching Indian movie streams.

Then you can install CPU-Z.